9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Lahore Board

9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Lahore Board

Note: BISE Lahore Board has officially announced the date sheet for the 9th class annual and supply exams in 2024. Students will be able to view the final date sheets online soon after they are released, which is expected to be in May 2024. This date sheet is for the Matric Part 1 or SSC Part 1 Science & Arts Group exam.

BISE Lahore 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

As the academic symposium of the Lahore Committee unfolds its Level 9 discussions, the fervor among exam-ready students intensifies. Their quest? The elusive 9th Class date sheet. Now is the time to prioritize exam preparation, and the Date Sheet serves as the compass, outlining the complete exam timetable set by the chairman of the Punjab Committee.

9th class Expected Punjab Board Date Sheet 2024

18-04-2024Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Ref.Air Cond. & Desert Cooler (9th Class)Electrical Wiring (9th Class)
19-04-2024Geometrical & Technical Drawing, Seerat-ul-Rasool (9th Class)Elements of Home Economics (9th Class)
20-04-2024Elements of Home Economics, Islamiyat (9th Class)Military Science, Islamiyat (9th Class)
21-04-2024Fish Farming, General Science (9th Class)Geography (9th Class)
22-04-2024English (Compulsory), Ethics (9th Class)English (Compulsory) (9th Class)
23-04-2024Persian, Chemistry (9th Class)Civics (9th Class)
25-04-2024Wood Working (9th Class)Clothing & Textiles (9th Class)
26-04-2024Computer Hardware (9th Class)Business Studies (9th Class)
27-04-2024General Mathematics (Arts Group) (9th Class)General Mathematics (Arts Group) (9th Class)
28-04-2024Mathematics (Science Group) (9th Class)Mathematics (Science Group) (9th Class)
29-04-2024Economics (9th Class)Dress Making & Fashion Designing (9th Class)
01-05-2024Poultry Farming (9th Class)Beautician (9th Class)
02-05-2024History (Islamic/Muslim) (9th Class)History (Islamic/Muslim) (9th Class)
03-05-2024Physics (9th Class)Physics (9th Class)
04-05-2024Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) (9th Class)Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) (9th Class)
05-05-2024Al-Hadith (9th Class)
06-05-2024Arabic (9th Class)Health & Physical Education (9th Class)
07-05-2024Commercial Geography (9th Class)
08-05-2024Food & Nutrition (9th Class)
09-05-2024Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) (9th Class)Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) (9th Class)
10-05-2024Education (9th Class)History of Pakistan (9th Class)
11-05-2024Al-Quran (9th Class)Environmental Studies (9th Class)
12-05-2024Art & Model Drawing (9th Class)
13-05-2024Physiology & Hygiene (9th Class)
14-05-2024Urdu (Compulsory) (9th Class)Urdu (Compulsory) (9th Class)
15-05-2024Geography of Pakistan in lieu of Urdu (Compulsory) (9th Class)
16-05-2024Biology (9th Class)Biology (9th Class)
17-05-2024Computer Science (9th Class)Computer Science (9th Class)
18-05-2024Punjabi (9th Class)Punjabi (9th Class)
19-05-2024English (Literature) (9th Class)
20-05-2024Urdu (Literature) (9th Class)
21-05-2024Saraiki (9th Class)
22-05-2024Tarjama-Tu-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsory) (9th Class)Tarjama-Tu-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsory) (9th Class)
9th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Lahore Board

BISE Lahore Board 9th Class Date Sheet

Mark your calendars for May 26, 2024, the expected day of revelation for the annual Date Sheet of the 9th level in the BISE Lahore Board. For aspiring BISE Lahore examinees, checking the date sheet online becomes seamless, thanks to the official portal, Sotimes.com. The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Lahore conducts these 9th class exams annually across various schools, welcoming both private and regular students.

BISE Lahore 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

As the announcement draws near, the anticipation among students heightens. Our webpage ensures an effortless approach to accessing the Lahore Board 9th Class Date Sheet for 2024. By specifying your class and selecting the year, a few clicks unveil the comprehensive schedule. Be vigilant as the Lahore Board typically declares the 9th class result within 120 to 160 days post the annual exams’ completion.

Peeking into the Past: BISE Lahore Board’s Educational Journey

Established in 1954, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore embarked on the mission of administering Matriculation and intermediate examinations. Over the years, it has overseen numerous boards, including Lahore Board Faisalabad, Sargodha, and Gujranwala, all functioning under the vigilant supervision of BISE.

Lahore Committee Class 9 Schedule

Amidst the buzz surrounding the Lahore Committee’s 9th class meeting, the students find themselves on the brink of the examination announcement. The committee, responsible for BISE Lahore matric class part 1 periodic examination 2024, is in full swing. For aspirants, visiting Sofitimes.com remains paramount for real-time updates on the 9th-grade BISE Lahore date sheet.

BISE Lahore 9th Class Examination Schedule

Breaking news unfolds as the Punjab Provincial Committee declares the 9th level examination commencement on August 28. This schedule mirrors other committees in Punjab, ensuring synchronized 2nd and 10th year exams. The accelerated learning plan remains intact, preserving the familiar paper pattern for the upcoming exams.

The Curious Case of Date Sheet Revisions

Initially slated for a June start, the exam schedule faced adjustments post an NCOC meeting. Universities opened their doors for classes 10 and 12 from May 31. Minister of Education Shafgat Mahmood assures the completion of the academic session only after the examinations. The expected schedule, officially announced in June, ushers in the exam season come August.

BISE Lahore Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

As the Lahore Committee orchestrates the 9th class academic rendezvous, scholars dive into their preparations. The BISE Lahore Board rolls out revised date sheets, not only for theoretical exams but also for practical examinations. Accessing the schedule on the sanctioned website becomes crucial for students meticulously noting dates and timings.

SSC Part 1 Date Sheet for 9th Class Exams 2024 Lahore Board

Recalling the last announcement in January, the periodic exams kicked off on March 1, concluding by March 10. Expectations ride high for the upcoming announcement in February, prompting students to gear up for exams starting in March. The Lahore Board, ever diligent, preps for the 1st periodic exams for the 9th class in 2024, issuing the BISE Lahore SSC Part I 1st Annual Examinations Date Sheet.

Matric Part 1 Date Sheet Lahore Board

Scheduled from April 1 to May 10, the Matric Part 1 periodic exams of 2024 promise a blend of morning and evening shifts. Students must adhere to the specified timings, secure their roll number slips, and present them during examinations. The results, typically unveiled in August, conclude the annual ritual of thousands of candidates.

Schedule of 9th Class Date Sheet Bise Lahore Board

The academic session inches toward closure, fueling the eagerness of scholars awaiting the examination date sheet. The Lahore Board gears up to unveil the test schedule, providing clarity for students enrolled under BISE Lahore. The anticipation builds, and scholars keenly anticipate the BISE Lahore 9th class date sheet 2024.

BISE Lahore 9th Class Date Sheet Updates

For the latest revisions, the BISE Lahore 9th class periodic examinations 2024 date sheet finds a home on the sanctioned website. The official announcement, expected in March’s last week, sets the stage for examinations in July. Minister Shafqat Mehmood’s advice rings true—focus on studies as examinations loom closer.

BISE Lahore 9th Class New Date Sheet 2024

Sofitimes.com emerges as a beacon for scholars, offering insights into the BISE Lahore 9th class new date sheet 2024 and subsequent results. Stay informed and streamlined with this platform, providing comprehensive information on the 9th class examinations conducted by the Lahore Board.

PDF Prowess: Download PDF of 9th Class Date Sheet Lahore Board

The meticulously updated date sheet, accompanied by a detailed exploration, awaits scholars on the Lahore Board’s sanctioned website. Beyond the BISE Lahore 9th class date sheet 2024, exploration extends to other board and class examinations. Regular, private, and supplementary disciplines are all part of the periodic examination tapestry conducted by the Lahore Board.

Punjab Board's official announcement for the 9th Class/10th Class/Matric/SSC Annual Date Sheet 2024 by BISE Lahore Board was Released in May 2024.

The Lahore Board Legacy: Beyond Examinations

Academic Powerhouse: BISE Lahore’s Educational Dominion

Established in 1954 under the Punjab University Act, BISE Lahore has emerged as the epicenter of educational evaluation. Overseeing periodic and force examinations for institutions within its governance, it covers regions such as Kasur, Okara, Sheikhupura, and Nankana Sahib.

Mission Unveiled: Lahore Board’s Educational Commitment

The Lahore Board, as the largest educational entity in Pakistan, embraces its role in conducting examinations for approximately 2 million scholars annually. Its commitment to fairness, transparency, and equity resonates as it seeks to lay a robust foundation for the future careers of pupils.

Marching Toward the Future: BISE Lahore’s Examination Trail

With final test schedules released in March and examinations commencing on April 1, BISE Lahore maintains its tradition of issuing date sheets at least a month prior. The SSC Part 1 and Part 2 examinations 2024 unfolded seamlessly, with the BISE Lahore Board SSC Date Sheet 2024 officially declared.

In the realm of BISE Lahore, education is not just an examination; it’s a journey toward excellence. As students await the unveiling of the 9th class date sheet. The Lahore Board stands as a testament to the pursuit of knowledge, shaping the educational landscape with each passing year.