10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Peshawar Board

10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Peshawar Board

Note: BISE Peshawar Board has officially announced the date sheet for the 10th class annual and supply exams in 2024. Students will be able to view the final date sheets online soon after they are released. Which is expected to be in May 2024. This date sheet is for the Matric Part 2 or SSC Part 2 exam.

10th Class Matric Date Sheet 2024

01-05-2024MondayBiology10th3 Hrs
02-05-2024TuesdayComputer Science10th2 1/2 Hrs
03-05-2024WednesdayFood & Nutrition10th3 Hrs
04-05-2024ThursdayPlumbing & Sanitary10th2 Hrs
05-05-2024FridayArt & Model Drawing (Paper-I)9th2 Hrs
06-05-2024SaturdayBiology9th3 Hrs
08-05-2024MondayComputer Science9th2 1/2 Hrs
09-05-2024TuesdayFood & Nutrition9th3 Hrs
10-05-2024WednesdayPlumbing & Sanitary9th2 Hrs
11-05-2024ThursdayManagement for Better Homes10th3 Hrs
12-05-2024FridayPakistan Studies (Comp)10th2 Hrs
13-05-2024SaturdayManagement for Better Homes9th3 Hrs
15-05-2024MondayPakistan Studies9th2 Hrs
16-05-2024TuesdayMathematics (Science)10th3 Hrs
17-05-2024WednesdayGeneral Science10th2 Hrs
18-05-2024ThursdayCivics9th3 Hrs
19-05-2024FridayEconomics9th2 Hrs
20-05-2024SaturdayGeography9th2 Hrs
21-05-2024MondayMathematics (Science)9th3 Hrs
22-05-2024TuesdayGeneral Science9th2 Hrs
23-05-2024WednesdayPashto/Persian/Arabic/Urdu10th3 Hrs
24-05-2024ThursdayLiterature & English Literature10th3 Hrs
25-05-2024FridayChemistry10th3 Hrs
26-05-2024SaturdayGeneral Math (Arts)10th2 Hrs
28-05-2024MondayPashto/Persian/Arabic/Urdu9th3 Hrs
29-05-2024TuesdayLiterature & English Literature9th3 Hrs
30-05-2024WednesdayChemistry9th3 Hrs
01-06-2024ThursdayGeneral Math (Arts)9th2 Hrs
02-06-2024FridayArt & Model Drawing (Paper-I)10th
10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Peshawar Board

10 Date Sheet 2024

In the educational landscape of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Peshawar Board stands tall as the primary authority overseeing class 10th examinations in Peshawar and its adjoining regions. As anticipation builds among students, eager to unveil the date sheet for the upcoming exams, we delve into the details of the 10th Class Peshawar Board Date Sheet for 2024.

Diverse Curriculum and Exam Prep

Subject Spectrum

The 10th class curriculum spans Science, Arts, and Computer Sciences, catering to the diverse interests of students.

Smooth Exam Operations

Recent exams across various schools were conducted seamlessly, and the board is now in the final stages of crafting the much-anticipated 10th Class Peshawar Board Date Sheet for 2024.

Navigating the Date Sheet

Digital Access

For students seeking their date sheet, Sofitimes.com offers a convenient platform for downloading and viewing the schedule.

Paper Positions

Sofitimes.com goes the extra mile, providing a comprehensive list of Paper positions in the 10th class Date sheet conducted by BISE Peshawar.

BISE Peshawar Board 10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Unveiled

Academic Milestone

In the academic year of 2024, scholars from both public and private academies in Peshawar will culminate their matriculation journey. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Peshawar will orchestrate the 10th Class periodic examinations for 2024.

Accessing the Schedule

To access the BISE Peshawar Class 10 periodic examinations schedule, scholars are encouraged to visit the official website of the Peshawar Board.

Verification Essentials

Scholars must meticulously note the dates and times mentioned on their roll number slips, crucial for seamless verification at the examination halls.

Stay Informed: 10th Class Date Sheet Updates

Announcement Anticipation

The Peshawar Board is gearing up to announce the Date Sheet for the 10th level periodic examinations in 2024, slated for March.

Real-time Updates

Once the Date Sheet is publicized, Sofitimes.com will swiftly upload it, becoming a reliable hub for scholars seeking the latest updates.

Beyond Written Exams: Practical Viva Voce

In addition to written examinations, the Peshawar Board introduces practical viva voce examinations for the 10th Class. Scholars can now access their date sheet for the 10th Class 2024 on Sofitimes.com.

Sofitimes.com: Your Educational Companion

Timely Updates

Sofitimes.com remains dedicated to providing timely updates on the Peshawar Board Annual and Supply Examination date sheet, roll number slip, and results.

Comprehensive Preparation

Prepare comprehensively with downloadable Peshawar Board model papers, sample papers, guess papers, old papers, and the new paper pattern for 2024.

Board Papers Schedule

Stay informed about the BISE Peshawar Board 10th Class force date sheet and time table for 2024 board papers according to the schedule.

Insightful Overview: BISE Peshawar Board 10th Class Date Sheet for 2024

Educational Sphere

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Peshawar extends its influence over private and government seminaries in vibrant sections, including Peshawar, Chitral, Charsadda, Shabqadar, and Mohmand Agency.

Date Sheet Preview

While the date sheet for the 10th level examinations in 2024 awaits its grand reveal, the confirmed starting date for matriculation exams is May 2024.

Eager Scholarly Eyes

Scholars eagerly await the release of the 10th class date sheet, a month before the final examinations, providing crucial information for meticulous preparation.

Matric & SSC Part 2 Date Sheet 2024: Bise Peshawar Board in Focus

Admission Kick-off

BISE Peshawar initiates the admission process for the Matric class parts 1 and 2 periodic examinations in 2024.

Key Events

The test schedule for the BISE Peshawar 10th Class Date Sheet for 2024 is officially released, with examinations commencing on July 29.

Preparation Advisory

Scholars affiliated with BISE Peshawar are urged to gear up for the impending board examinations, armed with the most recent information from Sofitimes.

Epilogue: Peshawar Board’s Educational Tapestry

Broad Influence

As the largest educational board in the KPK Province, BISE Peshawar’s jurisdiction extends beyond Peshawar District, encompassing Khyber Agency and other regions.

Exam Timeline

Matric Part-2 and 10th class periodic examinations unfold in March and April, emphasizing the board’s commitment to an organized examination timeline.

Holistic Support

Beyond matriculation, BISE Peshawar orchestrates examinations for 5th and 8th classes, underscoring its commitment to providing comprehensive educational support.

In conclusion, the BISE Peshawar Board’s meticulous planning and transparent communication ensure a smooth academic journey for scholars, fostering an environment of educational excellence. Stay tuned to Sofitimes.com for the latest updates on the 10th Class Date Sheet and other vital information.

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